Trump Damaging America’s Competitive Edge by Timothy Bakken

This summary from CNBC is a great overview of the numerous and varied ways the Trump administration threatens to weaken our country’s long-standing competitive advantages in education, innovation, and talent. 

Timothy R. Bakken

A reminder of the reality of H-1B visas. by Torgrim Landsverk

Contrary to some reports, the H-1B visa program does not punish U.S. workers or unfairly benefit foreign workers.  My clients include companies with employees holding H-1B visas alongside a far-majority of those companies’ workforces who are U.S. citizens.  U.S. companies using the H-1B visa program properly do so by hiring highly educated, highly skilled, and very well-paid H-1B employees who fill very specific needs for the companies and their customers.  

As explained in this letter to the editor in the Washington Post, we should not punish innovative and successful U.S. companies who are committed to following our immigration laws simply because an extremely small number of businesses use the H-1B program improperly. 

Read the full Washington Post article "The H-1B visa program is not 'much abused'" here.  

Timothy R. Bakken

Bakken Law congratulates client Taylor Pardell on recent O-1 approval by Torgrim Landsverk

O-1s are a category of nonimmigrant visas available to individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, athletics, or arts.

Taylor Pardell is an extremely talented soprano, actor, performer, and music teacher. In fittingly dramatic style, Taylor received the approval of her O-1 visa just two hours before an important audition in New York City!

We know Taylor has a bright future before her, and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next.