Bakken Law congratulates client Taylor Pardell on recent O-1 approval by Torgrim Landsverk

O-1s are a category of nonimmigrant visas available to individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, athletics, or arts.

Taylor Pardell is an extremely talented soprano, actor, performer, and music teacher. In fittingly dramatic style, Taylor received the approval of her O-1 visa just two hours before an important audition in New York City!

We know Taylor has a bright future before her, and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next.



Congratulations! by Timothy Bakken


I would like to share another happy result for one of our clients.   This gentleman, a talented Industrial Engineer from the Philippines, had been waiting over 7 years for his green card – believe it or not, this is a normal waiting time simply because of his Filipino nationality. 

I am very happy for this client and his family, all of whom are hard-working and productive members of American society.  But, the long wait they had to endure exposes one of the problems with our current employment-based immigration rules, which delay the immigration process for educated professionals based solely on country of nationality.  (Nationals of India, China, and Mexico in this employment-based category for professionals with Bachelor’s Degrees must also wait years and years to complete the green card process.)

Timothy R. Bakken

Congratulations! by Timothy Bakken


Another remarkable musician granted permanent resident status.  Congratulations to Bakken Law client, Nicolo Spera, whose green card application as an “extraordinary ability” Classical Guitarist was approved by the USCIS this week!  

Dr. Spera is an Instructor in the Music Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder – see his bio and samples of his music here. 

Timothy R. Bakken

Congratulations! by Timothy Bakken


Congratulations to our client, Dr. Ysmael Reyes, a world-renowned flutist and now a permanent resident of the United States! 

This week, USCIS issued Dr. Reyes a green card based on his extraordinary ability in his field.  Check out to learn more about Dr. Reyes and to listen to selections of his beautiful playing.

Timothy R. Bakken