GOP Immigration Cuts Threaten Economy by Timothy Bakken


As the Senate begins debating possible immigration legislation this week, don’t forget that immigration made America what it is today and continues to benefit our country. The benefits are broad, not only to the economy, but also to our vibrant and diverse culture and our historically prominent position as a place of refuge for those being persecuted in their own countries. This article summarizes the threats to our economy if Congress and the president succeed in cutting in legal immigration – one of the likely results will be a diminution in America’s strong economy relative to other regions.

Timothy R. Bakken

Most Americans Don’t Want A Wall by Timothy Bakken


As the debate over immigration continues, Trump is finally ready to make a concession: allow a path to citizenship for DREAMers. But of course, this compromise is too good to be true. There are three other components that run exactly in line with Trump's anti-immigration agenda including building a wall on the Mexico border, "banning US citizens from sponsoring their adult children, parents, and siblings for green cards", and calling a end to the diversity lottery. In fact these other components will have a much larger impact than allowing the DREAMers a path to citizenship, and immigration is expected to drop by at least 40% if Trump's agenda ever makes it through the Senate. Interestingly enough, after examining a variety of polls from different political leanings, it is universally acknowledged that the vast majority of Americans support the DREAM Act and oppose building a wall. Trump is yet again ignoring the voice of not only Americans, but even his own political party, and it is unlikely that the legislation will make it through Senate, as there will be serious push back. Read the full article here

It’s “Family-Based” immigration, not “Chain Migration” by Timothy Bakken


Trump and anti-immigrant zealots in the GOP love to confuse the immigration debate by labelling lawful family-based immigration laws and procedures with the ominous-sounding pejorative of “chain migration”.  Don’t fall for it!  The bottom line is that the law allows certain, not all, individuals who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents to petition for family members in the name of family reunification. This is a good thing. Read The New York Times' take here

Timothy R. Bakken

Trump and Hardline GOP Want to Cut All Immigration by Timothy Bakken


In an attempt to reform immigration, two Southern senators have created legislation, known as the Cotton-Perdue bill, that has been endorsed by President Trump. Unsurprisingly, this proposed bill will have negative effects for immigrants in a multitude of ways. The number of refugees is limited to 50,000 per year, the age limit for children with family or parents who are U.S. citizens will be lowered, and the number of high-skilled workers allowed in the U.S. will decrease, just to name a few of the ways this bill will hurt immigrants already in the U.S. and those who are trying to attain citizenship. Even though its supporters argue that high-skilled immigration will not change and might even increase, it is obvious the ultimate goal of the proposed legislation intends to cut all types of legal immigration in the U.S., so hopefully most congress members can see through the suggestive language. Read The Atlantic's take here