Extremist anti-immigrant groups want more than a wall – they want to slash all immigration, including legal immigration by Timothy Bakken


Trump put so much focus on building the wall that he neglected many other areas of immigration reform, and did not push any legislation when the republicans had control of the house and senate. However, it still remains clear that the ultimate goal is to have as few immigrants in the United States as possible. Read more here.

Labor Shortage in New Mexico by Timothy Bakken


There are no crises at the border, other than a humanitarian crisis caused by Trump’s illegal actions. In addition, this story about life in New Mexico near the U.S./Mexico border describes another crisis that is different than what the Trump administration would want you to believe: “The only crisis we’re facing here is a shortage of labor. Fewer people cross the border to work than before, and Americans don’t want to get their hands dirty doing hard work.” Read more here.