travel ban

Immigration? While Trump Discourages, Trudeau Encourages by Timothy Bakken

It’s no secret that President Trump is trying to make it as difficult as possible for immigrants to come to the United States.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has been doing exactly the opposite. In fact, Canada has created a fast-track immigration process for high-skilled workers. To maintain a vibrant, innovative, and creative U.S. economy, Trump should follow Trudeau’s lead. Read the whole article here. 

Most Americans Reject Travel Ban by Timothy Bakken

Two different versions of Trump’s travel ban have been put on hold by federal courts, and it seems unlikely that it will take effect anytime in the near future. A recent poll summarized by the New York Times reveals that most Americans do not agree with the travel ban. Trump will undoubtedly continue to push for his travel ban, despite his and the ban’s unpopularity, and despite the serious concerns that the ban violates the U.S. Constitution - let’s hope the Supreme Court agrees with the American public.

Timothy R. Bakken