Ineffective in most areas, Trump has succeeded in attacking immigrants in his first 100 days. / by Torgrim Landsverk

BAKKEN LAW: Trump has been one of the least effective presidents early in his first term when it comes to tangible legislative and policy results.  However, he has been extremely effective at creating a climate of fear and anxiety in immigrant communities as well as in businesses and industries that rely on immigrants. Read this CNN article about Trump's first 100 days here.  

Time will tell if this anti-immigrant tone and approach will translate to comprehensive changes in the law.  At the very least, it seems likely that the United States under Trump will be less welcoming to, and provide less opportunities for, immigrants whether they seek to enter the U.S. to protect their lives, to support their families, or to contribute positively in all the ways immigrants have for centuries.

Timothy R. Bakken